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Want a Fresh Financial Start?

If you are drowning in debt NOW IS YOUR CHANCE FOR A FRESH START! Gain control of your financial future and restore peace of mind with bankruptcy. We can arrange small monthly payment​s for your convenience. We can even help you start rebuilding your credit.

Now is Your Opportunity for Financial Freedom Through Bankruptcy!


  • Eliminate Credit Card Bills
  • Eliminate Medical Bills
  • Stop Eviction
  • Stop Foreclosure Process
  • Stop Wage Garnishment
  • Stop Creditor Harassment
  • Prevent Car Repossession
  • Lower Monthly Bills
  • Wipe Out Your Debt
  • Protect Your Retirement
  • Protect Your Home
  • Protect Your Car
  • Protect Your Wages
  • Protect Your Other Belongings


Ryan TaxPlus
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Joshua is great at what he does. We have a business of our own and have always told other business owners that they need a business attorney. Green Legal isn't just another law office. Joshua is one of the most genuine & straight forward attorney I know. Very knowledgeable and caring and understands that caring has more longevity than anything.
Randy Roskelley
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Good helpful people. They will take good care of you
Emily Stever
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Josh Green was my lawyer. He is definitely the one I would work with. He knows his stuff and he was always available for me to call anytime for any questions I may have had. I felt like he told care of me very well. And he is a nice guy!
Brian Baity
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My first time here was pleasant. The lawyer I met with was knowledge and spoke such that I easily understood what he had to say.
Lise Sybrowsky
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Josh Green is a true professional. In meeting with him I was impressed with his knowledge and ability to connect and communicate with others. Not only is he someone I feel comfortable with, but am confident in referring others to. He is quick to respond to needs and honest. For personal or business, Josh is the person to call.
Aaron Sullivan
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Josh was awesome when it came to giving me the knowledge I needed with all of my legal matters. He was professional and fast. My favorite thing bye far was that if he wasn't able to awnser when I called or if he was busy he was always on top of calling me right back. JOSH cares. And 5 start is well deserved
Spencer Williams
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Josh Green is extremely professional. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. We will definitely do more business with him in the future!
Wally R
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Honest people. I've worked with Green Legal on an important case and they delivered. Knowledgeable, fair, and great to work with. I'd recommend to anyone
Jesse Barrios
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Josh Green helped me with all my problems and i would highly recommend you give him a call for any legal matters.


Is Bankruptcy Right For You?

If you are like many people, you are searching the internet for answers on how to end your financial troubles.

The truth is your situation is unique and answers found on the internet aren’t always accurate.

You don’t have to question if what you are reading applies to you.

Call today and speak with one of our attorneys and get the answers you need.

At Summit Bankruptcy, Our Attorneys Understand The Stress That Financial Troubles Can Bring And We Are Here To Help. 

We work hard to bring the financial relief that you need. Just like you, we live and work in your area and focus all of our attention on helping good people through hard financial times. 

Bankruptcy is based on federal law and is a wonderful tool that can be used to eliminate your credit card debt, medical bills, wage garnishments, judgments, payday loans and most other personal debt.  This is typically done through a chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

If you are in foreclosure or your car is being repossessed we can stop them through a chapter 13 bankruptcy.  This will force your lender into a payment plan forcing them to stop their action, allowing the bankruptcy court to create a repayment plan you can live with.  In some circumstance we can even eliminate a second mortgage. 

For years we have successfully represented clients in a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Call today to receive a free attorney consultation.  We serve the entire states of UTAH and COLORADO.



Do you have creditors breathing down your neck? WE CAN HELP!


Unexpected medical bills happen. We help you get back to living and stop worrying


Is your bank account being emptied? Let’s put an end to it.

Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure?

One of the most frightening things about financial distress is when it threatens our basic needs: food, clothing, shelter. When someone receives the foreclosure notice, it can be terrifying. As we will outline below, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as a notice is received because a homeowner’s options narrow considerably the longer they wait.

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About Us

Josh Green, is the founder of Summit Bankruptcy. Josh graduated Cum Laude from Gonzaga University. While in law school he was an active member of the Gonzaga Law Review and even served on the journal’s board as an articles editor. While in law school, he worked for two different bankruptcy law firms working with bankruptcy clients to eliminate their debts and help them achieve financial freedom.   Josh Has Spent much of his career helping clients with bankruptcy.  Clients get the relief they need through the bankruptcy laws. Call Today to speak with Josh and learn how Bankruptcy can help you get a fresh start